Vintage Work

A small selection of window displays I created for Dufflet Pastries (and one for Postables) between 1989 and 1994.
Sadly, my record-keeping for many of the windows was lacking.

Imagine my surprise, and thrill, when spotting one of my windows whilst flipping through an issue of Flare magazine!
— an Andy Warholian sort of display to advertise one of my favourite Dufflet treats, a peanut butter pie.
Soon after, I was alerted to another window's appearance in Chatelaine magazine.
Note the bench in the second photo...another item I painted.
Only, someone at the store forgot to take it in one night, after closing, and it was promptly stolen...
mere weeks after I had finished making it for Dufflet!

A couple of B-movies I made up in 1990 for the window, and updated in 2018 for The Million Dollar Movie Poster Show.

A batik I created for a Dufflet window, one Hallowe'en.

Not for a window but a huge batik banner for a friend's band, created not long before before the pumpkins.

Three bicycles I created for Bikes Not Bombs, for what was once an annual event in which bikes were decorated by a variety of artists and then displayed in various store windows, including Dufflet's, before being auctioned off.
Also, a chair I decorated for a Jessie's Place fundraiser, around that same time period (early '90s).

Some Really  Vintage Stuff

Baker's clay and soft sculpture (including a self portrait) from my tweens, in the early '80s, and drawings and paintings from high school in the mid '80s, along with a Raggedy Alien Ann from the mid '90s (an accompaniment to an Alien-themed gingerbread house).

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