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December 2021


Pleased to be a part of Propeller Art Gallery's OFF THE WALL 2021 art action and fundraiser.

"Yellow Echinacea Flamingo Glitch"

More adventures in pandemic cooking: Mint Cherry Julep Napoleon!

November 2021

Pleased to be a part of the John B. Aird Gallery's FLORALS 2021 online exhibition/art book juried by Olga Korper Gallery Director, Taiga Bentley.

"Fuchsia Glitch"

More adventures in pandemic cooking: Trini-style roti, from scratch! With potatoes, channa, and eggplant.

More adventures in pandemic cooking: Sourdough Crepes Suzette! (No eggs.)

October 2021

More adventures in pandemic cooking: Mushroom potstickers, from scratch!

September 2021

"Carpenter Bee"

"Graffiti Glitch"

August 2021

"Night Bell"

July 2021

Digitally altered photograph.

Marzipan chile peppers, made for shooting a TV show stunt.

Stuffed Peppers
Food Porn Photography!

A quarantine porch-tea, with true British scones and clotted cream.
Putting my money where my mouth is!!?

"Untitled Tequila Composition"
Digitally altered photograph.

June 2021

I'm pleased to have had my piece, "2020" included in The Art Gallery of Ontario's virtual show,
Portraits of Resilience, available online until Sring, 2022.

Acrylic on wood

I was also pleased to be a participant in this year's annual, world wide mushroom art treasure hunt, Game of Shrooms, for the first time! I crafted one of my Original-Faux-Vintage™ post-apocalyptic signs, scaled down to gnome-size, and it was found and snatched up in no time!

"Simulation Terminated"
Mixed Media

A selection from the "Child Brides" series.
Digitally altered photographs.

Digitally embellished pen and ink.

May 2021

Come and join us on Weird Hamilton, my new, official sister group to Weird Toronto, on Facebook and Instagram.

With flowers finally in bloom, and the garden underway, and lockdown STILL de rigueur while vaccine #2 is still a couple of months away, the time is ripe for lots of photography and digital play...and a little baking, too.

Digital selections

"Iron Zinnia"
Digital selections

"Psychebeelic Lilacs"

Bored with boules, next stop: baguettes!

Bored with lattice, next stop: braiding!
Rhubarb season!

"Mystic Crabapple"
Digital selections

More with digital effects and dried tulips.

Adding a little expressionistic, digital 'finger painting' to the mix of f/x for this one.

April 2021

Back to some non-virtual art, for a bit. Quite familiar with digitally altering photos, I went a little out of my comfort zone for this show; combining and altering photos by hand.

Altered Images at Hand - Propeller Gallery
April 28 – July 28, 2021

"A Recipe For Sourdough"
Acrylic pen on inkjet printed paper

Rage, Rage...
Acrylic paint on inkjet printed paper

Back to fermentation...
Non-alcoholic Ginger Beer. It has a great spicy kick to it!

It's been years since I've done any pickling
but it seemed the next logical project. Ha!

Back to digitally-tweaking photos; using layers of assorted filters and effects
to create other-worldly and psychedelic effects...

"Patio Chair"

Selections from my ongoing series of dried and dying florals series.

March 2021

More digital art and baking experiments, this month, as this pandemic still drags on.

A long time on my Bucket List.....Samosas! Achievement unlocked!

Back to baking with some Sourdough Hamburger Buns

"Bridge 1"
Digitally Manipulated Photo

"Bridge 2"
Digitally Manipulated Photo

"My Favourite Fire Escape"
Digitally Manipulated Photo

Another selection from my Le Page's Glue series
Glitch Pop

February 2021

A lot of digital art and baking experiments, this month, as the pandemic drags on. Just a small sampling...

"Stick With Le Page's"
Digital Pop; From a series

Celebrating my first Quarantine birthday...just squeaked by, last year!
Banana Cake and Peanut Butter Banana Pie

After 4 days of prep, including 13 hours baking time, a genuine pumpernickel bread!

Check out my aquafaba adventure on Instagram!

January 2021

"Bernie's mittens" was the salve to all of January's existential troubles.

"Mortal Reflex"

Mail Art: unlimited Dada
Exhibition @ Propeller Art Gallery & Online
January 20 — February 7, 2021

"Sign Of The Times"
mixed media, octaptych, 2020

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