Inks, Etc!

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c1950's Wooden lid with a cork

c1950's 1930's?

c1918 1950's


1920's? The box doesn't quite match the bottle but that's the way it came...maybe packaged at a transitional time in their graphics...

A wooden container missing its label and tall lid to preseve the stopper the bottle once had. The entire case is pictured on the Wanted page. c1920

A very pretty tin case covering a glass jar of ink. These peacocks tins are very collectible A more utilitarian version of the peacock can - a lot harder to come by as not many would bother saving this plain can.

c1918 c1918 c1918 lid with the Russia Cement Co. logo

c1918 c1930's-40's? c1910's

c1920 Silver Polish

c1920 multi-purpose oil in a glass jar. Apparently this product is endorsed by the Parker Gun Company in much of their period advertising. c1920 multi purpose oil in a can - I learned through acquiring these two oil containers that oil cans are highly collectible! This one took three attempts to win at auction!

leaflet included in the box of oil

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