Special thanks to Ken Anderson for sending me the above photos of the factory, taken in 1995.

A 1916 National Geographic ad for Portland Atlas Cement advertising the Le Page's factory built from it
A 1916 National Geographic ad for Portland Atlas Cement advertising the Le Page's factory built from it

Excerpt from an early 1900's article entitled

Excerpt from an early 1900's article entitled


William Nelson Le Page of Prince Edward Island rediscovers the art of making fish glue. His ready-to-use adhesive can be kept in storage for months.

The Le Page Company is founded. Products are manufactured by the Russia Cement Company in Gloucester, Massachusetts USA.

Le Page advertises in Frank Leslie´s Popular Monthly : "Between January 1880 and January 1887, in all parts of the world, Le Page´s sold over 47 million bottles [of Le Page´s Original Glue]."

LePage´s Inc. is established in Montreal, Canada.

LePage´s moves operations to Toronto, Canada to be more central to the Canadian marketplace.

LePage´s Limited in Canada forms, a Canadian company separated from LePage´s U.S.A. and LePage´s U.K.

LePage´s acquires Resilacrete concrete coating business.

LePage´s is acquired by National Starch & Chemical Company.

LePage´s moves to a 100,000 square foot operation in Brampton, Ontario and acquires Rez Wood Stains business.

50,000 square feet is added to the new facilities.

LePage´s acquires the Poly Decorating Product line.

LePage´s adds 50,000 square foot, state-of-the-art shipping facilities.

1996 (July)
Henkel Canada acquires Canadian Adhesives Ltd., increasing sales by $12 mm/year. It merges with LePage.
The Resilacrete line is discontinued and branded as LePage Poly.
1997 (January)
Henkel Germany acquires the Loctite Corporation. The Consumer Division is now part of Loctite, U.S., North American Group headquartered in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

1998 (January)
Henkel Germany acquires major interest of Manco Inc. in the U.S. The Bondfast Company is dissolved. Future U.S. LePage sales will be carried by Manco.

1998 (July)
Henkel Germany acquires complete interest in Manco Inc.

Manco and LePage change their names to Henkel Consumer Adhesives and Henkel Canada Corporation, Consumer Adhesives, respectively.

The above list from www.lepageproducts.com

2003 (March 18)
While doing research for the update of this site I ventured back to www.lepages.com the American company's site. Owned most recently by the Papercraft Corporation (and at one time Johnson & Johnson) with head offices in Pittsburgh, PA. I had been in contact with them in 2000 and was invited to visit the original factory (pictured above), still in use by the company, in Gloucester, Massachusetts. I hadn't been able to take them up on it yet but was hoping to in the near future.

I was surprised to see that the site now boasts a Canadian address, but not the same one as as the Canadian company www.lepageproducts.com . Further research on the internet led me, quite by chance, to this surprising piece of information from a school alumni newsletter:

As board chairman of Gloucester's Wellspring House, Lucy Boyd Littlefield is up to her elbows in an exciting project to adapt an old Le Page's Glue factory to 75-100 units of affordable housing. Lucy, who sold high-end real estate in Weston for many years, writes that in many ways this is a lot more rewarding.

Stay tuned for updates....

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May 17th, My trip to Gloucester!

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