Cakes Made for Advertising, TV shows, Station Identifications, Film, & TV Appearances by Yours Truly!

Including but not limited to Global TV's The Morning Show, Cityline, CFTO News, Queer As Folk, My Fabulous Gay Wedding, Eloise, Absolut, and Xtra!

The Finished Product

Making cakes for film and advertising can be some of the most frustrating and thankless projects. Too often the concepts are wildly oversized (perhaps influenced by the movies of yesteryear), creating all sorts of problems in execution and delivery — and I'll leave it at that.
Nevertheless, I'm grateful for the experiences! Here are a few times it actually worked out...more or less.

I almost hate putting this one up — please don't consider this an endorsement of the product!

The border and lettering are my work. The whole thing could/should have been, but after a lengthy discussion with them about the design, they decided they wanted me to go with a clown image they supplied me with, which I did. But in the end, they went with the rooster after all, which I could have done, of course. Oh, well.

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