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The Cake Lady ~ Edible Art By Vanessa Le Page ~ "One Of A Kind Cakes Made For Your Special Occasion!"

Some Flavours To Choose From

I decorate my made from scratch cakes almost exclusively with real Buttercream Icing, with a few exceptions listed below. I do not use rolled Fondant Icing.

If you don't see your favourite cake flavour or filling, please ask! Some additional flavour variations are available upon request. Vegan options also available!

Because my cakes are made only to order, I don't keep cake on hand for "tastings". I do make my smallest cake (6-8 servings) available for sample at a reduced cost of $10 per cake, if required (saving you from hidden costs tacked onto the price of the final order).

* * *


Moist and Dark! By far the most popular cake! Filled & decorated with either buttercream icing, cocoa buttercream, or dark chocolate ganache.
Other buttercream flavours are available upon request.

Another crowd pleaser! Vanilla hot milk sponge filled with your choice of berries or fruit & liqueurs such as Grand Marnier, Amaretto, or Frangelico. See below for other flavours that also go well with berries.
NOTE: This option is not available for sculpted cakes. Real whipped cream is also available, depending on the design of the cake.

Lemon, Orange, or Mocha
Or for something a little more exotic - White Chocolate, Rosewater, Lime, or Grapefruit
Also, Various Nut Sponges - Almond, Walnut, Hazelnut or Pecan

A modern classic! Wonderfully moist & packed with raisins, nuts & spices. Filled with cream cheese icing, of course!

An old classic that's slowly coming back into vogue - a personal favourite!

The truly under-appreciated, traditional wedding cake! This is a rich, medium coloured cake full of dates, raisins, walnuts, maple syrup and more; soaked in brandy and covered with marzipan. Decorated with royal icing or buttercream

Sizes & Servings For Unshaped Single-Tier Cakes

All sizes are in inches. Number of servings is approximate.

6-8 servings: 6"
12-16 servings: 9"
20 servings: 10"
30 servings: 12" or 9x13"
40 servings: 14" or 12x12"
50-60 servings: 16" or 12x18"
70 servings: 18"
80 servings: 18x18"
100-120 servings: 18x24"
200-250 servings: 24x36"

Even larger cakes can be made to size with substantial notice.

Sizes & Servings For Traditional Tiered Cakes

All sizes are in inches. Number of servings is approximate.

20 servings: 6,8
                 or: 6,9

30 servings: 6,10

35 servings: 8,10

45 servings: 9,12
                 or: 6,8,10

50 servings: 10,12
                 or: 6,9,12

65 servings: 10,14
                 or: 8,10,12

75 servings: 12,14
                 or: 6,10,14
                 or: 6,8,10,12

90 servings: 12,16
                 or: 10,12,14

100 servings: 14,16
                  or: 8,12,16
                  or: 8,10,12,14

120 servings: 6,9,12,16
                  or: 6,8,10,12,14

140 servings: 16,18
                  or: 12,14,16
                  or: 10,14,18
                  or: 6,10,14,18

160 servings: 8,10,12,14,16

175 servings: 14,16,18

200 servings: 12,14,16,18

220 servings: 10,12,14,16,18

230 servings: 8,10,12,14,16,18

240 servings: 6,8,10,12,14,16,18

These are all round tiers, but for some sizes other shapes can be used,
such as square, hexagon, or heart.