Come & Chill With


"Duff Goldman" WHO?
Oh no, she di'n't!!!
Yeah, that's right. I said it! *snap snap snap*
Fondant is not a good thing...

- VLP, the original Punk Rock Cake Queen

It's important to incorporate
AIR into the mixture!

No rodents were harmed
in the making of this gif!



This is you: . Your job is to kill the and advance to higher levels. Shoot anything that moves,
especially that pesky . It's also a good idea to shoot the since it can clutter up the screen and cause
the centipede to move faster. If you shoot too many, the will create more.

Extra lives are awarded every 4000 points.

Description Image Points
Birthday Cake 5
Rosette 10
Shell Piping 10
Strawberry 20
Peppermint Candy 50
Gingerbread Man 75
Blancmange 500

Good luck!

Sorry, you need a Web browser that supports Java to play this game. Try using Netscape 2.x, Netscape 3.x, Hotjava 1.0, or Appletviewer. Windows 3.1 does not support Java, you'll need Windows 95 or Windows NT.

Press `g' or click to start
Move with the mouse and click to fire
Press `p' or move the mouse out of the window to pause
Game & Sounds Designed by Mark Boyns. Graphics Designed by Vanessa Le Page

The Cake Lady ~ Edible Art By Vanessa Le Page ~ "One Of A Kind Cakes Made For Your Special Occasion!"